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Within the very end, it is revealed that Headmaster is CJs father. It is revealed to Ian that 3s the charm, which means their third escape try will achieve success, but only for three of them. Ian suspects Cal is a spy for Headmaster as the group’s escape plan begins to return together. When he finds Cal in CJs room, Ian begins to suspect CJ is giving Cal inside information. He finds a means out, and how meanwhile, Suki’s brother tries to take her residence. Suki’s father arrives to take her back dwelling, but she is rescued by Ian. As a part of the settlement, Victory Records sold all Streetlight Manifesto grasp tapes back to the band. He and his exiles imagine West Campus is the best way out of Tower Prep. He tries to get to West Campus, but the gnomes make him turn again.

The group agrees to fulfill The Broken but find their hideout empty. Ian takes the maps and key to the west campus and goes there himself to find out what occurs to college students at West Campus. Gabe is sent to West Campus for refusing to reveal his source for Chemica Design 2.0. His West Campus roommate is Demetrius, who was employed by Headmaster to guard Gabe against Jeremy and the Rooks. He ends up in Ians and Gabe’s room slam dunk store with Chemica Design 2.0. Ian sends him to the observatory, but the gnomes capture him within the tunnels. Once they get through, they uncover, Whisper was upgraded from model 119 to Whisper 120. They then successfully decide, but Ian’s mom says it is too harmful to speak and hangs up.

In consideration, Hyo-rin invitations actor Kwak Si-yang with whom she labored in Persevere, Goo Hae Ra, to help the remaining members. Emily Wright then reveals that she intends to affix The Damaged and their resistance. Conner returns to the school and claims to know methods to get out. These actions could have also led to the Art trainer’s dismissal Artwork was the faculty advisor for the varsity newspaper. If not achieved correctly, they may get away with the point as the group is about to succeed in the roof of the nearest satellite tv for pc level, they a blocked by a gaping hole. Elsewhere, a group of scholars known because of the Damaged is discovered within the woods. Supplies discovered within the database are supported in a laborious copy within the NCSTL collection in Stetson Regulation Library.