The Different Types of Online Slot Games: Which is Your Favorite?

Progressive Slots: The last type of online slots is progressive slots. Unlike classic and video slots, progressive slots are linked to a larger jackpot. Progressive slots can be one of two types—local or wide area. With a local jackpot, only players at a particular online casino can benefit from the progressive winnings. With a wide area jackpot, on the other hand, players at different online casinos can win money from the same progressive pool. Progressive slots are great for those looking to potentially win huge rewards. No matter which type of online slots you prefer, there is something out there sure to fit your needs and entertainment style.

For those who are unsure, classic slots are a great starting point while progressive and video slots can offer larger payouts and bonuses. Ultimately the decision is up to the player, so take some time to get familiar with the different types and find the one that best suits your needs. The year 2020 is already over halfway through, and it has already been a bumper year for online slot games. With an incredible array of visuals, sounds and features, the virtual slot machines have received a huge makeover. But, at the same time, some nameses keep slot88 emerging as the most popular, and so today we thought we’d have a look at the current top online slot game themes of the year.

Egyptian Adventure – A definite favourite amongst gamers, this slot adventure takes players on an expedition to uncover ancient artefacts and lost treasures. With a variety of themed symbols on the reels, players are sure to be entertained. Rich visuals and exciting soundtracks are also added elements to this slot game, making it a firm favourite. Fairy-tale – As its name suggests, this thematic slot game is based on the world of fairytales. Characters such as Cinderella, Snow White and Rapunzel have featured on the reels, and with games from the likes of NetEnt and PlayTech, the quality and graphics are definitely up to par. Pirates – Everyone is a bit of a pirate these days. So, it makes sense why this theme has also become so popular.