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In the Faroe Islands, 6 groups have won the Dual of the Faroe Islands Premier Organization and the Faroe Islands Mug. In the Cream color Shore, 2 groups have won the Dual of the Ligue 1, the Sports car de Côte d’Ivoire. In Libya, 2 groups have won the Dual of the Libyan Premier Organization and the Libyan Mug. In Malaysia, 8 groups have won the Dual of the Malaysia Organization/ Malaysia Semi-Pro Organization/ Malaysia Premier Organization/ Malaysia Super Organization and the Malaysia Mug or Malaysia FA Mug. The Edmonton Eskimos beat the Ottawa Redblacks, 26-20, to win their 14th Grey Mug title. Portugal beat Tahiti, 5-3, to win their 2nd FIFA Coastline Football Globe Mug title. Superfinal: Portugal beat Ukraine, 5-4, in the last suit.

Remember: With the team victors, France, Belarus, and Portugal are all certified to compete in the Super Final. Remember 1: With the department victors, Spain and Ukraine receive the Super Final. Remember 2: Hungary, England, Czech Republic, Romania, and Norway all got the Promotional Final. FC Barcelona beat CR Vasco da Gama, 3-2 in charge after a 4-4 rating in normal play, in the last. An exemption was the 1967 period when Palmeiras won the dual, including the inaugural Torneio Roberto Gomes Pedrosa and the last version of the Taça Brasil.  won general medal tallies. Belarus won both the gold general medal tallies. Turkey won both the gold and total medal tallies. Victors: Vietnam won both the gold general medal tallies.

Algeria won both the gold general medal tallies. South Africa won both the gold general medal tallies. Brazil won both the gold. Champions: The Philippines won both the gold. England gained Australia by 169 runs. Ararat Yerevan was one of 2 non-Russian clubs to win the Soviet dual, in 1973, with Nikita Simonyan at the helm. It is among the 10 highest structures in Tokyo and was the highest in Tokyo, Japan, from September 1974 to March 1978, when Sunlight 60 was finished. The UBC Thunderbirds beat the Montreal Carabins, 26-23, to win their 4th Vanier Mug title. France beat Denmark, 26-24, to win their first Males Junior Globe Handball seiko ap royal oak mod Champion title. Canada beat New Zealand, 10-5, to win their first ISF Guys Globe Champion title.