FUT 21 – A New Man Of The Match Selection Is Here

FUT 21 Man of the Match contains item cards for Mahrez, Gueye, Cavani, Jorginho, Chukwueze, Gorosabel, Smith Rowe, Ibanez, Piatkowski, and Simonsen.

FUT 21 Man of the Match is a FUT 21 program that singles out the players that had the best performances in their latest games. These are the players that did amazing on the field during some of the most important games. FUT 21 Man of the Match is a premium selection, so get ready to hit the store and start buying packs. The latest FUT 21 Man of the Match selection includes some great cards.

FUT 21 Man of the Match Item Players

Mahrez has a Man of the Match item with 88 OVR. This right wing has 87 pacing, 85 shooting, 85 passing, 93 dribbling, 41 defending, and 64 physical. Gueye helped his team and this caught the attention of the EA SPORTS FUT people. He now has a MOTM card with 86 OVR. The stats of the center defending midfielder are 73 pacing, 63 shooting, 74 passing, 80 dribbling, 87 defending, and 82 physical. Cavani has a striker card with 76 pacing, 88 shooting, 73 passing, 80 dribbling, 57 defending, and 84 physical. The OVR is 86.

Jorginho has 85 OVR and his position is center midfielder. The stats on his card are 60 pacing, 67 shooting, 86 passing, 82 dribbling, 75 defending, and 76 physical. Vinicius Jr. has 97 pacing, 75 shooting, 75 passing, 89 dribbling, 32 defending, and 70 physical. We have Chukwueze in the Man of the Match team as well. His item has 81 OVR. The card’s attributes are 92 pacing, 77 shooting, 73 passing, 87 dribbling, 40 defending, and 65 physical. The position is right midfielder.

Gorosabel is a right back with 78 OVR. His stats are 75 pacing, 48 shooting, 65 passing, 71 dribbling, 78 defending, and 72 physical. Smith Rowe is a center attacking midfielder with 77 OVR. The attributes are 87 pacing, 73 shooting, 75 passing, 80 dribbling, 40 defending, and 60 physical. We have Ibanez in the selection as well. He adds a 76 OVR center back item with 70 pacing, 41 shooting, 54 passing, 55 dribbling, 78 defending, and 73 physical. Ousted has 77 diving, 78 handling, 76 kicking, 76 reflexes, 46 speed, and 76 positioning. He is a goalkeeper with 76 OVR.

Piatkowski has 75 OVR. The attributes of this center back card are 87 pacing, 45 shooting, 70 passing, 66 dribbling, 74 defending, and 85 physical. Simonsen has 95 pacing, 67 shooting, 67 passing, 72 dribbling, 70 defending, and 71 physical. The OVR is 73 and the position is right wing back.

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